Que the Smoke

Que the Smoke, a BBQ Vending and Catering business in Manitowoc, Wisconsin called saying, “I’ve got an event within a month and my website needs to be done!” Jason Cherney, owner of Que the Smoke, invested in a mobile BBQ Vending Truck and needed to make the investment work for him and his family.

Jason sent his logo to BLUEWEBGROUP and we did the rest. We wrote some copy for his approval and created a catering form. We attended the event to get some images and put them into the website. The website was live in time for the start of the event.

We love his motto: “Blood makes you related but BBQ makes you family.” We feel like family working with Jason, his wife, and kids. Try what we consider the best BBQ in Wisconsin when you go to his events and vending.

Que the Smoke BBQ