Nickey Fynn, Magician

Nickey Fynn Magician

Nickey Fynn, a vaudeville style magician who performs on international stages needs a special website to portray his market niche. We met Nickey when he was more concerned about losing his webmail contacts when his web developer left the business. We showed him how to take control of his business, buy his own hosting, set up new webmail, and transfer all of his contacts. We suggested a fresh website and taught him how to load WordPress on his hosting platform, load his theme, add content, and keep his website updated. He has been maintaining his website ever since. And he found the lowest price on monthly hosting that we’ve ever seen.

Nickey’s web marketing includes his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile. He uses functionality in his website and in social media to get higher and higher SEO rankings.

Nickey was performing in Europe for the summer of 2018. He can also be found on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, his hometown. You can see a video on his website landing page with highlights of his work.

Nickey Fynn