M&T Performance Chiropractic

Dr. Megan Karls, M&T Performance Chiropractic, started her business marketing with social media, web marketing, and event marketing to get and keep great clients.

Dr. Megan Karls started a Facebook presence even before she had a business address. She put her own name “out there” and linked it to her business name after she found a partner and a space for her chiropractic clinic. Her Facebook content reflected her goals for her client’s health and well-being. The articles she posted became the groundwork for the culture and focus of her business.

Next, she opened her free Google Business account that helped patients find her new permanent address. After her new chiropractic clinic was remodeled, her Google Business account made it much easier to transition from her temporary address.

Dr. Karls and her team created area events to get exposure to potential clients. She set up meetings with school sports teams, held health fairs at local malls, and created unique events at her own clinic. Social media was an effective way for her to promote events.

The M&T Performance Chiropractic website functions to share blogs to social media, accept appointments, collect testimonials, detail staff credentials, provide forms for clients to download, post event calendars, and explain service offerings. Having an active website helps her business be found when someone searches the web for a new chiropractor.

Take a page from the M&T Performance Chiropractic success story and use social media, web marketing, and event marketing to get and keep your clients. BLUEWEBGROUP is proud to be her website developer and support her ongoing web marketing efforts.

M&T Performance Chiropractic