Leonhard Printing LLC is a family-owned business competing locally with other brick-and-mortar shops and across the nation with on-line printing services. As with many small businesses, working on today’s sale takes precedence over planning next month’s marketing efforts. Web marketing is often pushed to the back burner. Dave Leonhard at Leonhard Printing was fortunate to have his brother helping by hand-coding his very first website. With the advancement of HTML, CSS, and Content Mangement Systems, very little custom coding is needed anymore. BLUEWEBGROUP suggested a simple website layout that Dave can easily update himself. We asked if he would like his logo changed but when he told us the story behind it we agreed that it has the most meaning as is. Stop by and say hello to Dave at Leonhard Printing. Ask him about how printing technology has changed over the last 50 years. And, ask him about his logo. You’ll find Dave to be one of the nicest and most reliable people you will ever meet.

Leonhard Printing