The SEO Challenge: Rank in multiple cities even if your business has no Google Business address in that city.

Parm’s Tree Service has it all figured out. When clients in Southeast Wisconsin google “tree service near me,” Parm’s Tree Service appears in the ranking.

BLUEWEBGROUP created website pages that Google reads, then understands where to place in the search results.

When you wish to be found by clients in multiple cities and when you don’t have a physical address there, contact BLUEWEBGROUP.

Parm’s Tree Service

Where is your hosting login? Who has your domain name and how do you access it? These are the questions we asked Four Seasons Comfort, Heating and Cooling Services. Four Seasons Comfort’s former web developer went out of business and left them with no access to their website, their hosting, and their domain name. All their website files were lost.

Lacking a web presence, new customers were going to their competitors. The situation needed to be resolved quickly.

BLUEWEBGROUP set up new hosting and rewrote the content for the entire website. We were careful to give Four Seasons Comfort complete access to their website and their hosting account. Four Seasons Comfort quickly linked their new website to their Google Business account and within a couple of weeks, Four Seasons Comfort was getting top search rankings again.

Your competition is global. How do you get your website to rank against 1,000,000 results? You don’t. Instead, you fire up your professional social media presence with useful content, then drive people to your website.

You can be a global consultant with 99% of new business coming from referrals but you still need a website. A website adds to your social credibility. Your clients will check your website as a part of their vetting process.

How do you get a website as affordably as possible? You volunteer to roll up your sleeves, learn to use WordPress, and manage your website on your own. It’s not impossible.

I applaud Audrey and Lynn at EHS&E Management Solutions. Their experience in Environmental, Health, Safety, and Energy consulting is vast. Their experience operating their website is less than a few months and they have it under control.

EHS&E Management Solutions

Perfect Surface Soft Wash, an exterior cleaning company serving Eastern Wisconsin, had a particular SEO challenge. Google Business is a great way to get found on the internet when you do business locally but how can you rank in Google search results for distant cities? Perfect Surface wanted “Page One” rankings for the 40 cities they targeted in Eastern Wisconsin. We used Google’s advice to get them there. Ask me for details.

Perfect Surface Soft Wash

We call this website design “in your face.” Links to the Email, Phone Number, and Quote Page are prominent and prevalent.

Perfect Surface logo was designed by Lindsey Scheuer at Engaged Marketing.

The Perfect Surface vehicle wrap is by The Sign Shop in Sheboygan.

TV and Internet advertising shouts about how easy it is to create a free website yourself. Ask Rich from Lost Arrows Outdoors about that. He and his buddy John just wanted to do some good in the world and create a website that would share good messages with others interested in deer hunting. They tried to create a website with those drag and drop website builders that claim to be free. Nothing is free except the goodness of these two guys.

BLUEWEBGROUP built their website the right way. It’s not free but it’s affordable.

We hope you read their messages and enjoy John’s photography. They even added a free PDF download on the website. Take a look and you’ll see why they call it “Lost Arrows Outdoors.”

Lost Arrows Outdoors

Whispering Orchards & Cafe is a family-owned business in Cleveland, Wisconsin. When we met the owner, Sue Holzwart, she told us about the problems she had with Google Maps. “Google just sent our customers down the road!” She was upset and rightfully so. Google picked up the wrong address for their business and out-of-town tourists and visitors were lost. We sorted out the problem and made some updates on the website to make sure Google doesn’t send people astray. We created custom instruction booklets so that Sue could take control of her website and make all the updates herself. She knows she can call us at any time and we’ll be there for her.

Whispering Orchards & Cafe

Leonhard Printing LLC is a family-owned business competing locally with other brick-and-mortar shops and across the nation with on-line printing services. As with many small businesses, working on today’s sale takes precedence over planning next month’s marketing efforts. Web marketing is often pushed to the back burner. Dave Leonhard at Leonhard Printing was fortunate to have his brother helping by hand-coding his very first website. With the advancement of HTML, CSS, and Content Mangement Systems, very little custom coding is needed anymore. BLUEWEBGROUP suggested a simple website layout that Dave can easily update himself. We asked if he would like his logo changed but when he told us the story behind it we agreed that it has the most meaning as is. Stop by and say hello to Dave at Leonhard Printing. Ask him about how printing technology has changed over the last 50 years. And, ask him about his logo. You’ll find Dave to be one of the nicest and most reliable people you will ever meet.

Leonhard Printing

Nickey Fynn, a vaudeville style magician who performs on international stages needs a special website to portray his market niche. We met Nickey when he was more concerned about losing his webmail contacts when his web developer left the business. We showed him how to take control of his business, buy his own hosting, set up new webmail, and transfer all of his contacts. We suggested a fresh website and taught him how to load WordPress on his hosting platform, load his theme, add content, and keep his website updated. He has been maintaining his website ever since. And he found the lowest price on monthly hosting that we’ve ever seen.

Nickey’s web marketing includes his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile. He uses functionality in his website and in social media to get higher and higher SEO rankings.

Nickey was performing in Europe for the summer of 2018. He can also be found on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, his hometown. You can see a video on his website landing page with highlights of his work.

Nickey Fynn

Que the Smoke, a BBQ Vending and Catering business in Manitowoc, Wisconsin called saying, “I’ve got an event within a month and my website needs to be done!” Jason Cherney, owner of Que the Smoke, invested in a mobile BBQ Vending Truck and needed to make the investment work for him and his family.

Jason sent his logo to BLUEWEBGROUP and we did the rest. We wrote some copy for his approval and created a catering form. We attended the event to get some images and put them into the website. The website was live in time for the start of the event.

We love his motto: “Blood makes you related but BBQ makes you family.” We feel like family working with Jason, his wife, and kids. Try what we consider the best BBQ in Wisconsin when you go to his events and vending.

Que the Smoke BBQ